Friday, February 20, 2009

Diet Food Plan

It's common knowledge that significant weight loss boils down to being consistent. In order to reach your weight loss goals, you must daily do the things that bring you closer to your goal. Even when you reach your ideal weight, you must continue with your diet food plan and exercise in order to keep from regaining the weight.

Easier said than done, you say? Not when you have the following tips!

1. Begin with a detailed diet food plan. Don't guess at what you're eating and don't be vague about your plan. Saying you're going to count carbs, fat or calories is MUCH different than having an easy-to-follow menu you can use each day without thinking about it too much.

2. Give your diet food plan a fighting chance. Throw away your junk food! Get it out of the house so you won't be tempted. Don't go shopping on an empty stomach. Junk food is less tempting if you're full. If you really feel the need for something naughty, buy a single serving of whatever you're craving and eat it as you leave the store. That way, you can satisfy your craving without bringing home a shopping bag full of junk.

3. Find exercises you enjoy. Because exercise is vital to your weight loss efforts, it's critical that you find ways to move your muscles that are enjoyable to you. Make a list of exercises you enjoy. Pick one each day and do it for at least 30 minutes. Switch it up often to keep from getting bored.

4. Make your diet and exercise routine a priority. Plan your exercise time. Make it part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Eating well should be something you do to take care of yourself rather than something that is dead last on your "to do" list.

Applying these 4 ideas should help make the weight loss process easier for you. Consistency is the key factor to successful weight loss regardless of your choice of diet food plan.
It's impossible to be consistent with a diet plan that doesn't fit your individual lifestyle.

Day 1

1/2 large melon.
Light meal or snack:
Vegetable soup or carrot and celery juice. Raw vegetable salad with brown rice and olive oil and lemon juice dressing
Main meal:
Mixed salad, any cooked green vegetables with a well-rinsed can of beans (not baked) and 1 tsp olive oil
Day 2:

Freshly juiced apple and carrot or fresh orange
Light meal or snack:
The rest of yesterday's soup, salad, baked sweet potatoes.
Main meal:
Salad, cooked green vegetables, cooked cauliflower sprinkled with grated cheese and browned under the grill
Day 3:

A cup of hot water mixed with soya milk and 2 tbsp treacle. 2 slices of wholewheat bread and butter
Light meal or snack:
Large selection of fruit with raisins and dates
Main meal:
Salad, cooked green vegetables, wholewheat pasta and tomato sauce

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