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Anne Collins Diet Plan

Anne Collins Diet Plan if you anytime searched for weight loss advice on the web, you've apparently appear beyond the website of Irish nutritionist Anne Collins. The website has an cutting bulk of pages - although abounding of the pages assume like they are advised for a seek engine rather than a person.

A abrupt assay of the website map shows us advice again over and over. Anniversary of the afterward phrases has it's own web page (containing a branch or two cogent us to eat beneath and exercise more); Fast Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Lose Weight Fast, Lose Weight Forever, Shed Fat, Shed Pounds, Get Lean, Get Leaner, Burn Fat Fast... I anticipate you get the picture. This is spam and is advised to abduction as abounding visitors and advance them to the weight loss program.

Anne Collins' weight loss program can be ordered on-line for the bashful fee of $19.97. Once paid you actualize your user id, and are accustomed admission to the members-only page.

The one-off fee provides you with 12 months admission to a clandestine abutment forum, and admission to all of the afterward eBooks:

Low Carb Diet

A advantageous low carb diet for fastest accessible weight loss.

14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet

Short-term 1000 calorie plan for best weight loss.

No-Nonsense Counterbalanced Weight loss Diet

Anne's No-Nonsense Weight loss Plan.

Low Glycemic Diet

For humans who charge to lose weight and advance abiding blood-sugar levels.

Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

For humans with aloft cholesterol.

10-Minute Commons Diet

Ultra-convenient, lots of fast-food options.

Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet

Simple plan for new or accomplished vegetarians.

Diet for Life

An simple continued appellation weight loss plan.

Vegetarian Diet for Life

An simple continued appellation vegetarian weight loss plan.

There's a lot of best there, but Anne Collins aswell provides a page to advice you adjudge which one to choose.

Pick Your eBook : Cover page of the eBook

I chose the "No-nonsense counterbalanced weight loss diet" and downloaded it. It is a 57 page PDF book absolute 28 circadian meal plans, bite and fast aliment options. Anniversary day is fabricated up of 3 commons added snacks. There are two options for banquet - a home-cooked compound or a packaged meal - such as Lean Cuisine.

The circadian Calorie amounts absolute about 1100 Calories added snacks. For variation, Anne Collins takes an abnormal access of acceptance added Calories based on how abundant weight you accept to lose.

For example; If you are changeable and accept just 11-30 pounds to lose, add 200 calories anniversary day from the candy account (thus authoritative a circadian absolute of about 1300 Calories). If you are macho and accept up to 20 pounds to lose, add 200 Calories per day.

While I can see some faculty in the access (more calories for a added person) - it a lot of absolutely wouldn't plan for me, and basing Calorie recommendations on how abundant a being feels they should lose seems a rather inaccurate method. For me alone this would beggarly just 1300 Calories per day. I apperceive from acquaintance that beneath 1500 Calories per day I rapidly lose beef mass!


There is acknowledgment in casual that recommends exercise, but this is a lot of absolutely a diet plan only. Based on some of these Calorie levels, I would acquisition it actual harder to accept the activity to exercise anyway. Cardiovascular contest and weight training are an acutely able allotment of any weight loss program and charge to be accustomed added emphasis.

NOTE: I downloaded addition plan - the Low Glycemic Diet - and this had an all-encompassing breadth on exercise - so conceivably anniversary eBook has acquired over time.

Health Issues

The eBooks accomplish acknowledgment of a bulk of bloom issues (Diabetes and PCOS) and provides added recommendations in this area.

Sample Low Glycemic Plan


Breakfast: Traditional Oatmeal, Honey, Seeds and Nuts

Lunch: Tuna and Bean Salad

Dinner: Baked Chicken Breast and Vegetables

Milk Allowance: 1 cup skimmed/fat-free milk


Breakfast: Fruit Yogurt/Smoothie

Lunch: Avocado and Chicken Salad

Dinner: Baked Cod with Mustard Sauce, Green Beans, Carrots and Rice

Milk Allowance: 1 cup skimmed/fat-free milk


When it comes to bulk - it seems that Anne Collins would be harder to beat. With a alternative of eBooks acclamation a lot of comestible regimes - Anne has all the bases covered. Every meal plan is abundant and comes with abounding options and substitutes.

This is no eDiets, but does accommodate a ample alternative of meal program and diet account to accept from. The Calorie recommendations are a little apropos and absolutely for me alone (190 batter male) would spell disaster. Yes I would lose weight but at huge bulk to both my metabolism and beef tone. The 14-Day Low Calorie Booster diet comes in at just 1,000 Calories (only 200 aloft the medical analogue of a Very-Low-Calorie-Diet). The advocacy is to chase it for no added than 14 canicule - I would say no added than 3 days!

The program will address to some, but the ample bulk of spammy web pages in the capital website backbite from the appeal. The bulk of advice accessible can assume amazing and lacks accord - although the associates is backed by a acceptable abutment apparatus (including forums and email to Anne herself).

Compared to abounding added weight loss eBooks on the market, Anne Collins is a bigger choice. However I feel added eBook offerings such as Tom Venuto's BFFM are superior. When it comes to diet and weight loss - there is no one-size-fits-all - we are all different and have to acquisition what works for us.

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